Monday, 2 March 2015

{Freebies} SMILE iPad + Desktop + iPhone wallpaper set

Start your day with smile.

This is a first freebies to all of you lovely person. A perfect reminder each time I open up my iPad and of course for you guys. Don't you love to wake up and smile with the new day that come no matter what happen that day. It's important to be positive in life. 

I, myself love art & design so much. It's my passion. These past few month I've been wanting to do something with my ideas, skills, and passion on this blog to shares it to the world. Looking and do some research to be a serious blogger on pinterest. I want to start from below and slowly to be on top. So I thought why not spreading my knowledge of graphic designing? Or perhaps my knowledge in crafting?

Each time I search up on lots of blogger website they told us to do something we comfortable and do something we love.

So, for the very first freebies, I've been wanted to create something with watercolor wreath that I found where you can download HERE. This blog is really awesome blog. Make sure to check her blog.

You can put it on your iPad, desktop and iPhone. I hope when you unlock your your gadgets, it could put up a smile into your face. It's make me happy when people loves my creations. 

Hit the comment below for any suggestion for next freebies and don't forget to 'pin' it to your pinterest. 

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